Allgemein, Englisch

Fancy a cupper?

Today we learned something about British Culture, and not just anything, we talked about one of the most important things for British people: tea!

Tea came to Britain around 350 years ago and when King Charles the II married Princess Catherine of Baraganza – a tea lover- tea became very popular in England. In Great Britain, people drink 165 million cups a day, crazy right? Brits do really love their tea! Even George Orwell (famous author) wrote an essay about how to make the perfect cup of tea. Drinking tea became famous already over thousands of years ago, rumour has it that the Chinese emperor Shen Nung was sitting in his garden chilling with a bowl of hot water and some leaves fell into his bowl and it tasted yummy. Boom! Tea was invented! Tea spread all around the world and because Britain has been excluded by the French and Spanish trading markets because of the war between them, Britain became the tea loving country it is today whereas other countries like Spain, Portugal or Austria became coffee drinkers. There you have it, some history for you! Now go make yourself a cupper (cup of tea) 😉

Obviously we also had some tea and some shortbread cookies 🙂

Teatime #futurefactory